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The Milestones of PharmaLink

January 2000 - PharmaLink launches

PharmaLink launches as a new reverse distribution company for expired pharmaceuticals, starting in a 1,500 SqFt facility in Clearwater, FL

2001 - 2002 - Facility expansions

  • PharmaLink' s first facility expansion of 3,000 SqFt. took place in 2001
  • Continuing to grow, PharmaLink moved into a 16,000 SqFt facility in Largo, FL in 2002

2003 - PharmaLink launches eBudget fixed cost returns solutions

PharmaLink launched an innovative fixed cost returns solution called “eBudget”, which allowed pharmacies to budget their annual returns expense as well as maximize their credit reimbursements. eBudget quickly became the preferred returns solution by thousands of pharmacies across the country.

2005 - PharmaLink introduces "no out of pocket expense" returns program

PharmaLink introduces a 'no out-of-pocket expense' program for pharmacies by collaborating with major wholesalers that deliver more credits to customers while at the same time preserving their cash outlay for returns.

2008 - PharmaLink introduces on-site returns services 

In 2008, PharmaLink commences on-site returns services in California and Florida. With much success, in 2015, PharmaLink expands on-site services nationwide.


2006 - PharmaLink joins Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA)

PharmaLink joins HDMA, a national association focused on developing a more efficient and effective distribution system and becomes a Returns Taskforce member. In 2016, HDMA became the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) to reflect the organization’s growing role as a convener of the supply chain both domestically and globally.

2007 - Encore©  web inventory and reporting platform releases

PharmaLink launches an online web-based inventory and reporting platform giving customers the capability to create or upload their returns inventory, manage shipments, view product return results  and track credits in real-time.

2009 - PharmaLink becomes a member of NACDS

PharmaLink joins the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, an international organization with 40,000+ pharmacy members. NACDS advocates for pro-patient, pro-pharmacy policies at all levels and in all branches of government.    

2011 - PharmaLink moves to 27,000 sq ft. distribution facility in Largo, FL

Recognized as a leader in the Independent Pharmacy space, the company relocated to a new distribution facility in Largo, nearly doubling its capacity. The facility allows PharmaLink to expand into other market segments in the healthcare space.

2012 - PharmaLink launches MedFlats®  returns solution

MedFlats® is a complete, all-inclusive system that makes it simple to return and dispose of your pharmaceutical products responsibly. These facilities can order the MedFlats solution from their Wholesaler.

2013 - PharmaLink commences returns services for manufacturers

PharmaLink expands its portfolio by providing recall, returns processing and disposal services for manufacturers.

2015 - RxTakeBack Program launches nationwide

PharmaLink’s RxTakeBack® program provides pharmacies with an innovative method to safely comply with the requirements of the DEA Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010, by creating an outlet for patients to dispose of unwanted medications including house-hold prescriptions and controlled substances.

2015 - PharmaLink begins working with mail order pharmacies

PharmaLink forges partnerships with major mail order pharmacies to service returns nationwide.

2016 - PharmaLink moves to current 51,000 sq ft facility

Continuing its success of providing customer focused solutions to the healthcare supply chain, PharmaLink moves into the complex formerly occupied by Eckerd Drugs and designs and builds a state of the art Reverse Logistics center.

2018 - PharmaLink expands service to distribution centers 

PharmaLink offers returns processing and disposal services for expired inventory with several wholesale distribution centers nationwide.

2019 - Top tier pharmaceutical manufacturer selects PharmaLink as its reverse logistics processor 

PharmaLink begins returns processing for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and launches product decommissioning program to assist in supply chain services.

2020 - PharmaLink celebrates 20 years of business by expanding facility to 76,000 sq feet and incorporating core principles of returns, quality and innovation.

2023 - PharmaLink expands again to increase its overall capacity to 91,000 square feet, resulting in more than a 200% increase in processing capacity and a 55% increase in storage capacity.