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Benefits of our Actual Credits Received Program

Collect Credit Value as Credits are Received

No Upfront Service Fee Deductions, Service Fees Deducted as Credit is Issued

Complete Transparency via Credit Reconciliation Reports through Web-Based Reporting Platform

“Our Returns Consultant with PharmaLink has been covering our territory for over 3 and ½ years now. Giving him a chance at handling our returns was one of the best decisions we made. We get a much faster turnaround on getting our money. He does all the work for us quietly, efficiently, and with minimal disruptions. Our Returns Consultant contacts and reminds us when he can come in and is very flexible if we don’t have that many returns. He can even take CII returns and writes them up for us. The service is invaluable and such a time savings which is important in the pharmacy business. PharmaLink and our Returns Consultant are miles ahead of the three different services we had before them. I highly recommend our Returns Consultant and PharmaLink."

Tim F.

ACR Program Example

Estimated Value = $20,000

Actual Credits Received = $18,000

10% Service Fee = $1,800

You receive $16,200

Customer Testimonial

Wholesaler participation is required. Some exclusions may apply.